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Established in 1906, Murray Hill has a rich and interesting history celebrating more than 100 years. MHPA members Brenda Brown and Jeff Herman have each completed substantial research into the history of the neighborhood. Their work has been compiled into a book, The History of Murray Hill, which is available in our online store and at all MHPA events.

  • The oldest existing house in Murray Hill was built in 1898 at 916 Talbot Avenue.
  • In 1907, more than half of the lots offered in Murray Hill had been sold for $1,500 each, and about a dozen homes had been constructed.
  • In 1914, streetcar service was extended to Murray Hill.
  • In 1916, Murray Hill was incorporated as its own town with a Mayor, Town Clerk, and Councilmen.
  • In October 1924, a substation was built at the corner of Post Street and McDuff Avenue to accommodate the increased demand for electricity in the neighborhood.
  • In March 1928, houses in Murray Hill were built at a rate of one every two days.
  • 1932 – Murray Hill Preservation Association is founded.
  • 1948 – The Dreamette opens.
  • 1949 – Murray Hill Theatre opens.
  • 1971 – Murray Hill Art Center opens.
  • 1995 – MHPA adopts Four Corners Park.

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